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Building Dreams, Celebrating Champions

A Word from Our Founder

When I first envisioned the Danube Champions Tour, I dreamt of creating more than just a series of competitions. I dreamt of building a community where passion for equestrian sport flourishes, where dreams are nurtured, and where every rider and horse, from seasoned champions to young talents, finds a place to shine.

Since our inception in 2021, Riders & Dreams has been committed to excellence and innovation. It is our unwavering dedication that has transformed this dream into a reality, growing with each passing season and attracting the best from around the globe to our prestigious events. Each show is not merely a competition but a celebration of the bond between rider and horse, a testament to their hard work, resilience, and unwavering spirit.

Our journey has been nothing short of remarkable. The X-Bionic Sphere, with its state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking surroundings, has become synonymous with world-class equestrian events. It is a venue that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards, providing the perfect backdrop for our ambitious vision.

Looking ahead to 2025, I am thrilled and deeply honored that we will be hosting the FEI Dressage European Championships for Seniors. This opportunity is a profound recognition of our dedication and a chance to showcase the pinnacle of dressage excellence. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of our team, the trust of our participants, and the unwavering support of our community.

I invite you all to join us in this extraordinary journey. Whether you are a rider, a supporter, or an enthusiast, your presence and passion fuel our mission. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of equestrian sport.

With heartfelt gratitude and excitement for the future,

Robert Pal
Founder and Director, Riders & Dreams

Where Passion Meets Performance

About us

Riders & Dreams is a highly regarded company specializing in the organization of national and international equestrian shows. Our passion lies in creating extraordinary events that showcase the beauty and skill of equestrian sport. From jumping to dressage and vaulting, we bring together the best riders and horses for unforgettable experiences.

With an impressive portfolio of world-class events,including the Longines EEF Series Nations Cup, World Cup shows in three disciplines, Nations Cup Youth, indoor or outdoor international and national events, national Championships and many more, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the privilege of hosting the
FEI Dressage European Championships for Seniors 2025.

At Riders & Dreams, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable moments for participants
and spectators alike.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we push boundaries and redefine excellence in the equestrian event industry.

From Elite Competitions to Emerging Stars

Danube Champions Tour

Danube Champions Tour is a comprehensive series of international equestrian events
organized by the Riders & Dreams company. Established in 2021, this project continues to
expand with each passing season, offering an increasing number of events.

All the shows are located at one of the biggest venues in Europe. Renowned X-Bionic Sphere in Šamorín whichis the official Olympic Training center of Slovakia.In the upcoming 2024 season, there will be a total of 13 international showjumping events and 2 international dressage competitions.

The lineup includes 6 indoor international shows, several outdoor CSI 2*, CSI 3* and CSI 4*competitions, two World Cup Series events and finally Nations Cup Youth for ponies, children, juniors, and young riders.

Danube Champions Tour attracts not only top riders and horses from all around the world
but also provides a strong support for development of young talents. This prestigious
equestrian facility serves as the perfect backdrop for our thriving project.

Celebrating Dedication and Talent

FEI Dressage European Championships 2025

We are delighted to announce that the hard work of Riders & Dreams team has paid off,
as we were given the honor to host the prestigious FEI Dressage European Championships
for Seniors in 2025. This remarkable opportunity is a testament to our dedication andcommitment to excellence.

The Official Olympic Training Center X-Bionic Sphere, where the event will take place,
provides the ideal setting for such a distinguished event. With a rich history of hosting top-
tier equestrian events including the FEI World Endurance Championships, Olympic Games
Qualifiers, FEI Jumping European Youth Championships, FEI Nation Cups, international
equestrian top-level events, and many more, the venue has proven its capabilityto deliver exceptional experiences.

As part of the Danube Champions Tour project, we organize numerous national and
international dressage events annually, attracting riders and horses from the European elite.
Furthermore, we mention that we have been hosting the World Cup dressage event in everyshow season, marking our reputation as a premier destination fortop-level equestrian events.

We are confident that the FEI Dressage European Championships for Seniors 2025 will be a resounding success, showcasing the best riders and horses from across Europe. We invite
you to join us in this extraordinary event and witness the highlight of dressage excellence inthe magnificent surroundings of the X-Bionic Sphere complex.

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